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2020 25/Jul

The internet turned credit card fraud into a global industry. Online, fraudsters met on forums, swapping tips, coordinating plans, and reselling stolen credit card numbers in bulk. This framework of cybercrime, carved out of the social web of the early 2000s, is the template that cybercrime syndicates still use today. Much of this can be […]

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2019 28/Aug

Robert Downey Jr. and wife Susan Downey turned a converted windmill into a stylish and charming Hamptons home. In this funny, full-access tour, the Downeys show off their favorite art, let you into their closets, and explain why their cats have full run of the place.

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2019 25/Aug

Superstar singer Ricky Martin — who plays Antonio D’Amico on The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story — and his partner Jwan Yosef take Architectural Digest inside their LA home. Yosef’s artwork adorns most walls. The couple shows AD their kitchen, family room, Martin’s Grammy collection, the sound-proof screening room, the massive hallway, interior […]

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2019 21/Aug

10-year-old drag superstar ‘Desmond Is Amazing’ is in fact, amazing. The New York City drag kid is inspiring others left and right with his positive attitude to ‘be yourself always no matter what anyone says’. At only 10 years old, Desmond has immersed himself with a handful of LGBTQ youth advocacy projects and is making […]

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2014 1/Aug

Photographer Mihaela Noroc is constantly looking for beauty. From the heart of the Amazon to the quiet world of North Korea, Noroc has spent the past four years documenting women—real women—around the globe. Her new book, ‘Atlas of Beauty,’ is a collection of 500 portraits that celebrate the beauty and diversity she found across the […]

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